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Make Your Voice Heard

Tell your healthcare story.

Record a video and let us know: Why do you demand Medicaid equity?

Medicaid is a lifeline for over seven million New Yorkers – including low-income families, seniors who need around-the-clock care, and half of our state’s children. But, because of the chronic underfunding of Medicaid, we’re faced with a healthcare crisis.

Record a short video telling your healthcare story so that the politicians in Albany know how important it is that ALL New Yorkers get quality healthcare. 

Tips for Recording a Great Video

Make sure that we can see and hear you loud and clear!

Find a quiet area with minimal background noise

Make sure you have plenty of light so we can see your face

Center yourself in the frame, with a little space above your head and below your chin

See why other New Yorkers want Medicaid Equity Now!

Bishop Collete Carter
Syracuse, New York

“We need quality, affordable healthcare coverage. I want to use my voice, and urge Governor Kathy Hochul and members of the New York State legislature to do the right thing.”

Stan Martin
Buffalo, New York

“Fully funding Medicaid would mean that lives are saved and that access to quality care would be available not just for you but also for senior citizens, our aging population, as well.”

Addie McVay
Manhattan, New York

“I have good experiences and some not so good experiences with Medicaid.”

The New York Alliance for Healthcare Justice is fighting to end the Medicaid funding crisis in New York. 

Continuing to underfund Medicaid not only means severe cuts in mental health services while children and seniors on Medicaid experience difficulty accessing needed health care service. Underpayments are also pushing struggling safety net hospitals to the brink, creating longer wait times in emergency rooms, and contributing to more dangerous healthcare staffing shortages. At the same time, Medicaid underpayments are already severely harming low-income New Yorkers, especially in our Black and Latino communities, leading to worse health outcomes and shorter life expectancies.

The Medicaid funding crisis is already at New York’s door, but there is a commonsense solution: New York’s leaders must increase Medicaid reimbursements to cover the full cost of care, so that all New Yorkers have access to quality care.